A race to the top


Women Helping Women received a letter of “Thank You” from the Kilimanjaro Initiative (below) .

Once again ladies, your donation is making a positive difference in the world.


Dear Women Helping Women,

I wish to thank all of you at Women Helping Women for your much appreciated donation of $2,965.00 towards the Kilimanjaro Initiative.

The full amount of the funds donated will be used to sponsor a your woman from Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi and sub-Saharan Africa, to participate on a 10-day training camp in the Maasai Plains and to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in March of 2018.

Your contribution is about to change a young person’s life, providing them with an incredible opportunity to step away from her “comfort” zone and realize the impossible is possible.

Wishing you and your colleagues a successful 2018!


Timothy Challen, President