Our Board of Directors

Gert McClure
Gert McClurePresident
Gert brings many years of community involvement and has been project manager on a number of professional and social endeavours. Gert has experience in public speaking, fund raising and passion for the causes effecting women.
Dr. Lizza Sherwin
Dr. Lizza SherwinVice President
Dr. Sherwin is a semi-retired Family Physician. Two years ago, she left her Blenheim, Ontario practice of 18 years and now does locum work in remote Inuit communities in Nunavut. Lizza has a global perspective and experience that comes from working with WHO (World Health Organization) in many countries around the world. Lizza has also served on several foreign mission trips and brings personal witness to the needs of woman and how effective support can change lives.
Cindy Paul
Cindy PaulSecretary
Cindy has a passion for third world issues and believes together we can make a difference. Her strong personal commitment, organizational and accounting skills have helped the many organizations she has contributed time and effort to in local communities and other charitable organizations and righteous causes.
Holly RoeTreasurer
Holly Roe, Financial Analyst for 18 years with experience in Government reporting/compliance and fiscal year end packages. Previous accounting experience with a local charity with continued focus on donating expertise and a helping hand.