International Day of the Woman

In Gratitude, Hope and Mindfulness International Day of the Woman is a time to appreciate all of the battles won by our mothers and grandmothers. Our right to vote, have a voice in our government, equal opportunity for education, be leaders at home, at work and in society. As we consider the "me too" movement

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International Day of the Woman March 8, 2018

#MeToo for all women 2018 has been a year where women have found their voices and stood against abuse and harassment in the US and Canada. However there are millions of women and girls that we need to consider we we think of #MeToo and make sure we are raising our voices not just for

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Kilimanjaro initiative update…..

A race to the top   Women Helping Women received a letter of "Thank You" from the Kilimanjaro Initiative (below) . Once again ladies, your donation is making a positive difference in the world.   Dear Women Helping Women, I wish to thank all of you at Women Helping Women for your much appreciated donation

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Women Helping Women meeting update

Thank you! A huge thank-you to all who attended our inaugural Women Helping Women meeting held September 23, 2014. We truly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy lives to help other women and girls in need. For those who couldn't make the meeting but donated online or by cheque, we thank you. Because we

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