Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution of Women Helping Women

  1. The name of the organization is Women Helping Women
  2. The office of the organization will be situated in the home of the President, Gert McClure or the appointed designate.
  3. The object of the organization is to relieve the poverty of women in Canada and in developing countries.
  4. The organization shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the organization shall be used solely to promote its objective.

By-laws of Women Helping Women

Bylaws approved on May 27, 2014.

  1. The Organizational Structure of Women Helping Women shall consist of a Community Board, with six (6) officers as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two (2) Directors. The Board shall consist of not fewer than five (5) Board Members and not more than nine (9) Board Members.
    a)  The term of office on the Community Board will be three (3) years, with 1/3 of the Board being replaced each year. Each Board Member is eligible for 2 consecutive terms then MUST be off the Community Board for one (1) year, before being re-appointed.
    b)  The process of selecting and/or appointing Board Members is as follows:
    i.  All board members must be a member of Women Helping Women in good standing.
    ii.  Open and advise the position to the general member at least one (1) month prior to appointment date.
    Names brought forward to the current Board and the current Board will appoint new officers for the next term.
    The term of office will be as per the fiscal year – January 1st to December 31st.
    All appointed Board Members are required to attend a minimum of two board meetings per year.
  2. Donation Recipient Criteria:  Each individual, organization or project must meet the following criteria to be considered for funds from Women Helping Women.
    a)  For the support and improvement of women and girls issues including but not exclusive to health, housing, education, financial improvement.
    b)  Geographical location to be focused on developing countries, however any individual, organization or project from any country including Canada can be considered.
    c)  The individual, organization or project must be operated without purpose of profit for the its structure.
    d)  Association with a religious organization is neither a prerequisite nor a disqualifier for the donation recipient.
    e)  The individual, organization or project must prove to have good governance and accountability.
  3. General Membership:
    a)  The general membership will meet a minimum of twice a year.
    b)  Each member of the group would be required to donate a minimum of one hundred dollars $100.00 annually.
    c)  Each organization or project presented would be required to meet our name Women Helping Women donation recipient criteria.
    d)  Each member would choose from the groups presented the evening of the general membership meeting and inform the Treasurer (by way of completed form) which group they want to direct their funds to.
    e)  All members are encouraged to bring a project or organization forward for the group`s consideration.
    f)  Member donations are due at general membership meeting.
    g)  A maximum of three (3) organizations would be presented at any meeting.
    h)  The individual member donation would be directed to one of the organizations, projects or individuals presented at the general membership meeting.
    i)  Funds collected from the membership would then be dispersed by the treasurer as directed by membership.
    j)  The Board will undertake additional fund raising activities as deemed necessary by the Board.
  4. The Board shall ensure “the organization” shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the organization shall be used solely to promote its objective”.
  5. The Board will liaise with any area, Municipal, Provincial or National, or International bodies, deemed by the Board, as beneficial to the programs.
  6. A Quorum of the Board will consist of three (3) officers with at least one being the President, or the Secretary or the Treasurer. The President or designate will preside at all meetings of the Board.
  7. Signing Officers for Bank Accounts will be the Treasurer, Vice President and the President.  All cheques or withdrawals from the account will require 2 signatures. jointly and severally.
  8. The board must meet at least two (2) times per fiscal year.
  9. Responsibilities of the Officers of the Board shall be:
    a)  It shall be the responsibility of the President to supervise the business and affairs of Women Helping Women and to represent it during his or her term in office.
    b)  It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to keep a record of meeting minutes and shall perform such other duties (such as correspondence) as required by the Board.
    c)  It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to keep a full and accurate account of all financial transactions of Women Helping Women and to deposit all monies and securities of the organization in the name of Women Helping Women.  The Treasurer will prepare any necessary statements of the organization as requested by the Board.
    d)  Board Members (including Officers) unable to fulfill their duties as set out by the by-laws will be reviewed by the Board. Notice of termination will be determined by 2/3 majority vote of the Board.
  10. Consensus of all members of the board will be the preferred preference of decision making. If consensus is not possible, majority rules as per Robert’s Rules of Order – Current Edition.
  11. The Fiscal Year will be from January 1st to December 31st.